Chicken Rate Today Lahore: Poultry Rate Today Lahore

Chicken Rate Today Lahore: Poultry Rate Today Lahore

Today’s chicken rate in Lahore is Rs. 395 per kg in the wholesale market. In contrast, the retail market chicken rate today in Lahore stands at Rs. 450 per kg. Additionally, the chicken meat price per kg is Rs. 575. In Pakistan, chicken is the most consumed meat, which is pivotal in the country’s food culture and is enjoyed with great enthusiasm. The demand for chicken has grown substantially over the years due to its affordability, versatility, and numerous health benefits.

Factors Influencing Chicken Prices in Pakistan

The price of chicken in Pakistan has always been a matter of significant consumer interest. This highly volatile commodity experiences frequent fluctuations in price due to several contributing factors, including supply and demand dynamics, seasonal changes, and even political instability. Additionally, chicken rates vary across different regions and markets within the country. Daily updates on chicken rates for various cities in Pakistan are crucial for consumers and industry stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Understanding the Price Increase

Over recent years, the price of chicken in Pakistan has experienced a substantial increase primarily due to rising production costs. The cost of chicken feed, a significant component of production expenses, has surged owing to increased raw material costs, such as corn and soybean meal. Consequently, these heightened production expenses have led to higher prices for consumers.

Government Initiatives to Ensure Affordability

Recognizing the importance of chicken as a staple food, the government of Pakistan has taken proactive measures to ensure that chicken rates remain affordable and accessible to all citizens while simultaneously supporting the growth and development of the poultry industry in the country. Such initiatives aim to strike a balance between consumer affordability and the sustainability of the poultry sector.

Latest Chicken Rates in Lahore

Here are the latest chicken rates in Lahore:

  • Alive Chicken Rate: Rs. 450 per kg
  • Retail Market Chicken Rate: Rs. 405 per kg
  • Wholesale Chicken Rate: Rs. 575 per kg

30-Day Price Trend

In the last 30 days, chicken prices in Lahore have witnessed some fluctuations. The details are as follows:

  • Price Change: +Rs. 67.00
  • Percentage Change: 3.05%
  • Today’s Rate: Rs. 395 per kg
  • Rate 30 Days Ago: Rs. 450 per kg


Chicken remains an integral part of Pakistani cuisine, and its consumption continues to grow due to its taste, versatility, and health benefits. The price of chicken is subject to fluctuations, with recent increases primarily attributed to rising production costs. 

However, with the government’s efforts to promote the poultry industry and ensure consumer affordability, the chicken market is anticipated to remain stable and accessible to all. Stay informed with daily updates on chicken rates to make informed choices in this dynamic market.

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