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Calculate My Age By Birthday Year

How old am I? What is my age in days, years, and weeks? If you are curious to find out your age by your birthday and birth year, then our online my age calculator will help you find all your answers. In different regions, there are several kinds of cultures and traditions to calculate the age, But our tool has the most common method to calculate age which is using your birth date to the day you figure it out. 

The My Age Calculator is a very simple online tool that is easy to access on desktops, laptops, MacBooks, mobile or Ipads. The responsive layout help in a better user experience, and our website's speed is incredibly fast as we use dedicated servers to host our website. 

How To Find My Age?

Well, the answer is straightforward, and one can find the age in days, weeks, and years in just a few clicks. Following are the steps to find out your exact age. 

  1. Find out your birth date in day-month-year (You can get it from your birth certificate)
  2. Enter Your birth date in the field
  3. Press the calculate button 
  4. Hurray! The result shows your correct age in days, weeks, and years. 

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