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You can follow the steps back in your own time and digest these fantastic techniques on how to get a flat stomach.

Hey Girls! You landed here because you want to know how to get a flat stomach, right? Lucky for you, you came to the right place.

But first things first.

We'll start this guide with the basics and move gradually through so that you can follow the steps back in your own time and digest these fantastic techniques on how to get a flat stomach. Once you start to pick up these simple techniques and incorporate them into your daily routine, you'll find that losing that tire around your waist becomes a doddle. Trust me, and it's a little bit of mind over matter and dedication. Once these habits remain with you, it should be an easy task to stay with them and watch the new you shine through.


Just imagine the looks of envy when you confidently saunter down the beach with all those hunky guys winking at you. You'll be glowing with pride, and you might even meet the man of your dreams. The Other girls won't get a look in, and you'll have the pick of the bunch. Just imagine how good that would feel.

Ok, Now hold that thought and re-divert your mind back to our goals. In fact, go and rip out a celebrity pin-up with the guy with his chest out looking suggestively into the camera and pin

it on your fridge. He'll be yours soon enough, and that might just keep you in check. Who knows….. Wink**


First off, start by getting fit. You don't have to go all out and start getting up at 5 am for a 5-mile run. Take it easy! We need to get the blood pumping and get our body used to a bit of hard work before we get too excited. Begin by taking short walks. This can be to the shops or through the country if you are lucky enough to live nearby. Walking for just 30 minutes can

burn as many as 200 calories, and you'll probably cover approximately 2 miles in the process. You could consider it about 100 calories per mile, and while you build things up, this is a great

way of indicating your expended energy.

Good! Now we're talking. Getting that old ticker pumping on a regular basis should break you into a healthy habit you can keep building on. Simple right?

Now, after a few weeks of regular exercise, you can start to work on your stomach with techniques designed to target the abdominal area more specifically. As a tip, watch the video below

and combine this with walking, maybe at the end as a cooling-down routine. This is actually perfect as you will already be warm, so you won't be prone to pulling a muscle.


So, did you follow that? Hopefully, you did. If you follow this simple routine, say, three times a week, combined with a healthy eating plan, I pretty much guarantee you will literally watch the

fat melt off you. It is a plain simple law that following a good plan of exercise such as this will increase the number of calories you burn and increase your metabolic rate so that you even

burn fat hours after you finish your workout. Simply take an hour out of your day and perform it either every day or a fairly close regular intervals. This should be fairly acceptable even

for the busiest of women, so get started right now!

THE Diet

You saw me mention combining a diet plan with your new routine, right? This is as important if not the most important thing you have to consider. A well-balanced meal is essential to losing

body fat and should be a cornerstone of your goal. Remember, you are what you eat. So having a diet of burgers and chocolate will more than likely show fairly visibly on your body. Empty

calories and high Carb food such as this are terrible for you. It does nothing but forces your body into gaining weight. It has a high-fat content and high sugar content. This high sugar

content raises your insulin level, which in turn instructs your body to burn calories slower. Ok, this should sound familiar to you. Yes, metabolism. If you burn calories at a slower rate,

that means you have a slower rate of metabolism. If you ingest fatty foods and don't perform the exercise while your body is in a state like this, then you will invariably gain weight. Your body

will simply store what it does not burn and give you the extra mass you didn't want.. nasty, huh

Choosing a good diet then is very important. Low-fat food and slow-burning carbohydrates are what are needed in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. Foods such as wholegrain and brown

rice pasta, including loaves of bread, are much better for you. They also contain fiber which is essential for healthy bowels. High-protein food is also great as long as they contain little

saturated fats. Meat like fish and chicken contains very little and can have a very positive impact on your metabolic rate.

In this video, they demonstrate very tasty recipes that you can cook in a very short space of time. Healthy food can be very tasty, so check it out and try it for yourself. Of course, you can always take a recipe you already know and cut out a lot of the 'bad' that you would normally add or already have within the ingredients. Trimming down and being a

little more careful about what you put into your mouth can make a big difference if you add this up over, say, 14 meals you might eat in one week. That suddenly becomes a large figure if you

start to multiply it throughout the months and years.

Take some advice from the below video. The lady here shares some tips on how to reduce the calorie and fat content of the average meal so that it can more closely fit your ideal deity need.

Shahzaib Anwar


Enjoy the little things in life. For one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

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