Remove Line Breaks

A free online text tool to remove line breaks and paragraph breaks from any content

Looking for a solution, how can you remove line breaks online from any document or text? Well, we have the best online web tool to help you remove line breaks only, or you can also remove paragraph breaks. 

As promises to provide each tool free of cost for all the users who reach our website, keeping the aim in mind, we offer to remove line breaks online tools without any charges. 

How To Remove Line Breaks Online

If you are a freelancer, office guy, teacher, student, or from any profession, you may have received some creepy disturbed Word documents copied from a website, PDF, or any other source. You may have noticed that there are many line breaks and you have spent your whole day just fixing those line breaks. If you do it manually, removing line breaks from a document of 100 pages will take even more time. 

Well, now there is no need to spend hours fixing these line breaks. 

  1. Copy your content and paste it into the above-given input text field.
  2. Now Choose from the following two options.
    1. Remove line breaks only (this will not disturb paragraph breaks)
    2. Remove line breaks and paragraph breaks (this will remove 2 line breaks)
  3. Now click on the format button 
  4. Our online line breaks removal tool will share the results in seconds. 



Q. Will this line breaks the removal effect or disturb the paragraph?

A. No, it will remove the line breaks from your text with preserving the paragraph. 

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